28th March 2019

Last Monday, 25th March, Gerry Boland, a local volunteer speaker for Compassion in World Farming, a charity which promotes concern for the welfare of farm animals and the environment, visited RCC to give an extremely interesting talk to our 5th and 6th year agricultural science students.  Issues related to the intensive farming of animals was introduced and discussed at length.  Scientific, economic, social, political, religious, ethical and environmental implications were presented and our students engaged in a great discussion about how farm practices can be implemented to help increase the welfare of large and small animals on Irish farms. A special word of thanks to Gerry for travelling to our school for such an insightful presentation. 



28th March 2019

Well done to all the Junior Certificate Home Economics students who completed their Food and Culinary skills examination last week. Students were very busy in the weeks prior to the exam choosing dishes appropriate for their task and then practising and perfecting their dishes. On the day, it was evident it was worth all their hard work, as students demonstrated a high level of skill, creativity and a real flair for cooking. Dishes produced ranged from Irish soda bread and chocolate muffins, to pizzas and chicken curry. The students also proved they could work well under exam and time pressure. Hopefully the same will apply with the State Examinations in June! Well done to all involved!




21st March 2019

We extend our best wishes to all of our 3rd and 6th year students partaking in upcoming oral language and practical examinations. May all of the preparations pay off. 



21st March 2019

In March, for the second year in a row we were delighted to welcome Dave Rudden, acclaimed author of ‘Knights of the Borrowed Dark’ and winner of the Specsavers Children’s Book of the Year Award 2016 and The Great Reads Award 2016. His novel was also selected for 2017 Dublin UNESCO Citywide Reading Campaign for Children. Safe to say, we were thrilled to have him deliver a creative writing workshop to our ever so eager first year students.

Dave’s energy filled the room and immediately he captured the attention of our first year students. He began by giving his audience some background information about how he became a writer. Dave explained that he used to be a teacher but discovered that his passion was storytelling. Upon this realisation he took his first steps to pursuing his dreams. Starting off his arts career as a storyteller around Dublin city, he soon realised that it might be a good idea to write some stories. His account is truly inspirational.

From here, Dave explained how his award winning novel ‘Knights of the Borrowed Dark’, a popular choice with our first years as part of their ‘Reading for Pleasure’, is being made into a television series! This discussion led Dave into his focus for the workshop. The students assembled themselves into groups of six and they were asked to plan an elevator pitch for a Netflix series.

Dave gave some stimulation to help inspire the students with their pitch. He cleverly described the ‘typical nature of a horror’ film in order to show them the idea of a transferable plot. He encouraged students by saying there are ‘no rules’ and ‘no wrong’ answers. Once the students excitedly presented their elevator pitch Dave then guided them to the next step of creating their series, which is to create a log-line - a two-line description of their show. 

He helped direct the students with their plot developments, giving them some tips to follow to include and introduction, complication, climax and resolution and also, to consider the characters wants, needs, limitations and strengths.

Towards the conclusion of the workshop our students presented their quirky and clever pitches to Dave and the other students. The students displayed great interest and enthusiasm throughout the workshop and this was evident in their final presentation.

Dave delivered an energetic workshop from beginning to end. It was an imaginative and engaging day for all of our students which they thoroughly enjoyed. We look forward to seeing the creative skills learned transfer to the classroom.


This motivational and adrenaline-charged talk from Dave Rudden on the craft of the writer, overcoming adversity and following your dream was funded by Irish Aid WorldWise Global School (WWGS) Programme.

Emily Iglesias D'arcy  and Calum Lohan awaiting the arrival of Dave Rudden author of 'Knights of the Borrowed Dark'


21st March 2019

Congratulations to the winners of Roscommon County Enterprise Awards Matthew Ryan, Ben Finnerty, Keelan Murray and Michael Lohan for their mini company - MMBK, along with Mr McLoughlin.