16th May 2019

Our Transition Year students competed in Roscommon County Council Anti- Litter Cinema Campaign. They produced, with assistance from SkyRocket Media, a fantastic cinema advertisement showing the damage and effects that littering can have in our community. The angle we focused on was the anti-social effects of littering as we felt that this is an important aspect of littering that is often not highlighted.  We wanted to make it clear to our audience how socially unacceptable littering is. Our tagline was ‘Bin your Litter, Not your Friends’. The advertisement captured a group of friends who gather in the park. One of the group litters and as he walks and litters he loses a member of his group EVENTUALLY ENDING UP ending up with no friends. His group then show him the error of his ways and, with a new perspective. He learns how unacceptable littering is. Our group accepted the award of ‘Best Screenplay’ at the awards ceremony in C&L Plex on the 8th of May which was richly deserved. This campaign really brought a new awareness to our Transition Year students of the effects and damage littering can have. It made us all more aware of littering blackspots and we took part in many clean up days throughout the year in the surrounding areas. This campaign was a very beneficial part of our Transition Year.