Music is possibly for you if you already….

  • Like listening to music
  • Like playing an instrument or singing
  • Would like to improve your playing or singing
  • Spend a lot of time playing or listening to music

Music is possibly for you if……

  • You’ve ever been told you’re good at music
  • You yourself think you’re good at music!

This could be a subject where you might get a good grade in your Junior / Leaving Certificate because you have a natural talent in this area


Music for Higher Level Junior & Leaving Cert focuses on 3 main areas:


Students can:

  • Sing by yourself or in a group
  • Play and instrument by yourself or in a group

The Performing element of the exam takes place in March/April of the exam year and is worth 25% of the total marks. A visiting examiner will come to the school to hear the pieces of music chosen and prepared by the students. It is not necessary for students to attend music lessons outside of school as practical work is done in class through singing, guitar & recorder playing.


Students sit a written, aural exam where they will answer questions on:

  • Songs
  • Setworks (orchestral music)
  • Traditional Irish Music
  • Jazz Music
  • Pop Music
  • Recognition & Identification of instruments


Students sit a written exam where they demonstrate an ability to read & write music and be creative, by answering questions such as:

  • Writing your own melodies
  • Putting backing chords to melodies
  • Dictating melodies played for you


Music Factsheet


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