At Roscommon Community College the goal of our Physical Education (PE) Program is to enhance the learning process by making the classes enjoyable as well as educational. We want to ensure that the student understands how important physical activity (exercise) and nutrition are to maintaining an active lifestyle throughout their life. Teamwork, social skills, and sportsmanship are also heavily focused upon during each activity. With a quality physical education program in place, each student will be empowered with the knowledge and skills necessary to make responsible lifestyle choices that directly impact his/her health and well-being.

We at RCC see PE as an essential part of a student's life in school. We believe that PE can provide students with enjoyable and worthwhile learning opportunities where they develop the movement skills and competencies to participate in a variety of physical activities competently, confidently and safely. We want to build students motivations and commitment to physical activity and sport both in school and beyond.

We want students to learn to appreciate the importance of regular health-enhancing physical activity and to make informed choices about how to include physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. Such informed choices are key to the development of lifelong habits of physical activity; thus student choice and consultation with students are given particular emphasis in PE classes. 


Junior Cycle key skills:


Physical Education incorporates all the key skills of the Junior Cycle especially the skill ‘Staying Well’.