Why do I like the Roscommon Community College?

My time at this school has been great looking back on it. I remember my first day here. I didn’t know anyone because all of the other people in my class went to different schools. It wasn’t long, however, until I got to know lots of new people. I’ve made so many friends over the past few years and have gotten so many great opportunities. The teachers are so supportive and experienced in their fields of teaching. This school made me want to do my best and is a prime example of how hard work always gets rewarded. It’s been a real gift to be able to grow up, grow as a person and be able to mature in this environment. It teaches you more than just school work. It teaches you life skills and it feels like a second home to me. 

Kitara Stewart 6th Year


I like the school because of all the sports we have like hurling, Gaelic and rugby. My favourite would be the hurling.I also like that there is a farm on the school.

Keelan Morris 2nd Year 


I love going into Roscommon Community College every day. The age profile and quality of the teachers is great. I feel this makes it easier for me to learn. The school is run very well and all issues are dealt with very efficiently and effectively. The classroom facilities and equipment are excellent with an electronic whiteboard in every room. The equipment is very modern. It’s encouraging and inspirational to have so many inter-county players teaching and coaching in the school.

Adam Donnelly 2nd Year


I am a first year student. My experience in the Roscommon Community College has been great. At first it was very strange and different but I got used to it. I didn’t know a lot of people but quickly made friends. I had a great advantage as my sister is a TY student here. The environment is very friendly and easy to get to know. At first I was very nervous and anxious until I made a lot of new friends. I hope the next 5-6 years are the same as my experience so far. 

Leah Hoey 1st Year

As a 6th year student in the Roscommon Community College, I can certainly say that I enjoyed my time in the school. The teachers are very knowledgeable and are very enthusiastic about teaching their students. They are very helpful and supportive with the students with anything that they are struggling with. Not only are the great at teaching their subjects, they are very friendly and approachable. The other students in the school are very friendly. I am part of the last small year group and I feel that, as a group, we have bonded well together over the years. Another benefit of having a small class group is the classes can move on quite quickly. Even though the school is strict with discipline, there is always a positive atmosphere around. I would highly recommend attending this school for anybody in 6th class. 

Emma Lalwani 6th Year